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Details Texts and Contexts

The idea of studying texts 'in context' has become a major new emphasis in contemporary literary studies. Texts and Contexts explores the idea of contexts and the way they affect texts, concentrating on: * the writer's context * the reader's context * ...

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Details Theorizing Society in a Global Context (Europe in a Global Context)

Theorizing Society in a Global Context Using Europe as an example, this book readdresses and updates the concept of 'society', exploring society in the context of both globalization and conflict theory to develop a new theory of society for our times ...

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Details The History of Political Thought in National Context (Ideas in Context, Band 61)

The History of Political Thought in National Context How the history of political thought relates to politics, history and culture of various nations. Full description

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Details Distributed Context-Aware Systems (SpringerBriefs in Computer Science)

Distributed Context-Aware Systems Context-aware systems aim to deliver a rich user experience by taking into account the current user context (location, time, activity, etc.), possibly captured without his intervention. For example, cell phones are ...

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Details Managing Development in a Global Context

Managing Development in a Global Context Managing Development in a Global Context examines the complex relationship between management, development and globalization from a multidimensional perspective. Key authors in the field explore the historical ...

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Details Modeling and Using Context: Third International and Interdisciplinary Conference, CONTEXT, 2001, Dundee, UK, July 27-30, 2001, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)

Modeling and Using Context The papers in this volume deal with the interdisciplinary topic of modelling and using contextual information from various points of view, ranging through cognitive science, formal logic, artificial intelligence and ...

93,08 EUR*
Details The Femme Fatale: Images, Histories, Contexts

The Femme Fatale: Images, Histories, Contexts These essays trace the femme fatale across literature, visual culture and cinema, exploring the ways in which fatal femininity has been imagined in different cultural contexts and historical epochs, and ...

37,29 EUR*
Details The Urban Context: Ethnicity, Social Networks and Situational Analysis (Explorations in Anthropology)

[{ The Urban Context: Ethnicity, Social Networks and Situational Analysis[ THE URBAN CONTEXT: ETHNICITY, SOCIAL NETWORKS AND SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS ] By Alisdair, Rogers ( Author )May-12-1995 Paperback By Alisdair, Rogers ( Author ) May - 12- 1995 ( ...

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Details Professional Ethics in Context: Institutions, Images, and Empathy

Professional Ethics in Context, Institutions, Images and Empathy Identifies the root of moral conflicts, and discusses institutional cultures, metaphors, self-image, and ethical models.

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Details Victorian Science in Context

Victorian Science in Context Victorians were fascinated by the strange new worlds which science was revealing to them. This study sets out to capture the essence of this fascination, charting the many ways in which science influenced and was ...

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Details Context 21 - Zu allen Ausgaben: Interaktive Tafelbilder für Whiteboard und Beamer: DVD-ROM

Context 21 Zu allen Ausgaben Context 21 - damit macht man Abitur! In den passgenauen Regionalausgaben: Kompetenztraining und Spracharbeit Breites Text- und Themenangebot Differenzierendes Aufgabenspektrum Umfassendes Medienpaket Systematische ...

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Details Pictures of Romance: Form Against Context in Painting and Literature


87,22 EUR*
Details Red Racisms: Racism in Communist and Post-Communist Contexts (Mapping Global Racisms)

Red Racisms This book analyzes racism in Communist and post-Communist contexts, examining the 'Red' promise of an end to racism and the racial logics at work in the Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, Cuba and China, placing these in the context ...

29,24 EUR*
Details Decolonizing Research in Cross-Cultural Contexts: Critical Personal Narratives

Decolonizing Research in Cross-Cultural Contexts International scholars share their experiences with the challenges inherent in representing indigenous cultures and decolonizing cross-cultural research. Full description

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Details Managing Development: State, Society, and International Contexts

State Society and International Contexts..Hardback,Ex-Library,with usual stamps markings, ,in good all-round condition, ,282pages.

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Details Topics in Context: The UK - Tradition and Change: Schülerheft

Broschiertes BuchInformationen zum Titel: ThemenhefteDie Themenhefte basieren auf den praxiserprobten Kapiteln des Lehrwerks Context 21. Die Modulheftestehen für Differenzierung und authentische Texte (von basicbis advanced),beleuchten Themen ...

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Details Transnational Higher Education in the Asian Context

Transnational Higher Education in the Asian Context This book offers new insights and perspectives on internationalization and trans-national higher education (TNHE) with contributions from three continents. These include the student experience in ...

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Details Theory of Mind and Language in Developmental Contexts (The Springer Series on Human Exceptionality)

Provides new empirical study data that explores the influence of linguistic variables within developmental contexts on theory of mind development and functioning Establishes context for usage, including personal, social, and business interactions ...

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Details Counseling in Challenging Contexts, International Edition

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